We have always dedicated our craftsmanship in the art of weaving to turn ideas into actual manufactured Ihram, Terry Towels, Bath Towels, Bath Robes, Kitchen Towels, Dish Cloths, Yellow Dusters, Mops etc since 2002, which retain the softness and style right down to the last fibre. The core essence of our work is to find the perfect balance between the pleasure of softness and a taste for beauty. That is why we never stop searching for alternative solutions that enable us to conceive and design products boasting superior quality.
Because luxurious emotions deserve to last over time.

Why Choose Us

Delivering The Highest Quality House Hold and Cleaning Textile Products

Our manufacturing facility holds weaving, circular and warps knitting both in narrow and wider widths, stitch, packed and labeled ready to be sold anywhere in the world.. Our units are well equipped to meet modern day standards.

Quality of Our Products

AK TAJ has stood out since it’s inception for the quality and reliability of it’s products

Timely Deliveries

Although the delivery of our customer’s goods is the last stage of the fulfillment process.

Efficient Client Servicing

We firmly believe that consumer trust is important.

Fair Dealings

We ensure customer delight through fair dealings.


20 Years of Experience in Household and Cleaning Textile

Transforming homes, one thread at a time – 20 years of expertise in household and cleaning textiles for a fresher, cleaner, and happier home.

Towel Materials
House hold and Kitchen Accessories

We Produced house hold and Kitchen Accessories

All above machines are capable of producing Bleached and coloured Dish cloths, Stockinette rolls, Dusters, Socket Mops, Kentucky Mops, Floor Cloths, Terry Towels, Ihrams and Tea Towels.

Our Products

Providing Best Quality Products

Quality products for a better life – Guaranteed excellence every time.



Understanding the needs of our valuable clients, we are instrumental in providing Kitchen Towels. We also offer these Kitchen Towel in various sizes.



Terry Towels are great all-purpose towels for garage, home, office, kitchen, restroom and marine cleanup. For cleaning, polishing and detailing.



We supply hospitality wipes, commercial cleaning cloths, healthcare wipes, automotive cloths, industrial wipers, and a range of others.



Mops are designed to stand repeated commercial and institutional use.Great for general and cleaning. Soft but sturdy enough to be washed over and over.



Ihram is a sacred garment worn during Hajj or Umrah, consisting of two white sheets that symbolize purity and equality in Islam.


Started Dishcloth

AK Taj, a leading provider of household solutions, proudly introduces its premium Dishcloth collection. Impeccably designed for durability and efficiency, AK Taj’s Dishcloths redefine kitchen cleanliness. Elevate your culinary space with our meticulously crafted, high-quality dishcloths—setting a new standard in practicality and style for the modern home.


Started Stripped Dishcloth

AK Taj presents the epitome of kitchen elegance with our Striped Dishcloth collection. Meticulously crafted for superior absorbency and durability, these dishcloths add a touch of sophistication to your culinary space. Elevate your daily chores with AK Taj’s premium Striped Dishcloths—where practicality meets style.


Started White Cotton Dishcloth

Introducing AK Taj’s White Cotton Dishcloth, where simplicity meets functionality. Our premium dishcloths, meticulously crafted from high-quality cotton, redefine kitchen essentials. Experience superior absorbency and durability, effortlessly blending into any culinary space. Elevate your daily routine with AK Taj’s commitment to quality and timeless elegance in every wipe.


Started Terry Check Tea Towel

AK Taj presents the epitome of kitchen luxury with our Terry Check Tea Towel collection. Immerse yourself in superior absorbency and style, as each towel is crafted with precision from high-quality materials. Elevate your culinary experience with AK Taj’s commitment to excellence—a blend of functionality and fashionable design in every tea towel.


Started Check Cotton Tea Towel

Discover AK Taj’s sophistication in kitchen essentials with our Check Cotton Tea Towel collection. Impeccably designed for both style and functionality, these towels redefine your culinary space. Crafted from premium cotton, AK Taj brings you superior absorbency and timeless elegance in every detail, transforming daily chores into moments of luxury.


Started Catering Tea Towel

AK Taj introduces the Catering Tea Towel, a pinnacle of functionality and durability for professional kitchens. Engineered for the demands of the culinary industry, our tea towels excel in absorbency and toughness. Elevate your catering experience with AK Taj—a brand synonymous with quality, reliability, and impeccable style in every detail.


Our manufacturing units equipped with following certifications.

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