Seriously Sustainable

AK TAJ is a firm devotee to maintaining manageability norms to limit the effect of material assembling and creation, on the climate. These guidelines capability to focus on the wellbeing and security of laborers, keep up with common liberties as well as safeguard the climate.

Conscious of the Planet

Responsibly Sourced Fabric

As an individual from the Better Cotton Drive (BCI), AK TAJ utilizes eco-accommodating texture, got from reasonably developed fiber crops or reused materials. The organization highly esteems giving top-quality texture that is mindfully obtained.

Sustainable Manufacturing

AK TAJ presented the ERP Framework, which empowers a paperless climate and supports manageable assembling. The organization reexamines its practices consistently and endeavors to turn out to be more capable in its assembling and creation.

Safe Chemicals

AK TAJ utilizes Oeko-Tex-affirmed, non-risky synthetics in the entirety of its assembling, creation, and coloring cycles to ensure it is ok for people and the climate.

Waste Water Management

AK TAJ has introduced a wastewater gushing treatment plant and is wanting to stretch out the unit to start reusing.

Traceability System

The organization has carried out a recognizability framework. A recognizable framework permits data to come from a solid framework in regards to maintainability.

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